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Originally Posted by clintnz View Post
The cam follower roller bearings on the rockers are indeed the ones you need to do.

Why the camchain? I got one to go in at 50K km when doing my follower bearings, as some bikes do wear them out, but it seems the LC4 one is a pretty durable part as the old one had no discernable wear, that replacement one had no wear 45K km later either.

I would put in new cam bearings too as they are common sizes & quite cheap, also rebuild the water pump. Then you should be set for another 40K km of fun at least.

Im not sure why but he ordered the chain and believe he said it was needing it due to wear. Unsure though, as it was supposed to be ready last monday and when I called today he said he hadnt touched it yet, but ordered the parts Hope he wont change if its not needed. Didnt think about the water pump. thats a good idea, thanks, Ill gert that done if he can as well. Ordering parts seems to be the PITA part. I shoulda probably found a KTM dealership, so parts were there.

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