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Originally Posted by longtallsally View Post
Dave, you and I see things very much the same way- would be great to ride together. We're just around the corner from each other as well.

I was thinking of heading up to Leavitt Lake this weekend. Wanna come and teach me some tricks? Ordering an intervalometer as I type this...
I'll be looking for trouble in other places this weekend, otherwise I might take you up on that. I've done some photography at Leavitt Lake, but still haven't got the "one". One of my favorite perspectives so far...and you can't even SEE the lake

Intervalometer?? Seems you are planning to get really creative, we expect to see some results

Originally Posted by LawMur View Post
I spend the last 24 years moving all around the US and knew I would be back here someday.

I am sure we will pass each other on the road someday.
That's what keeps ME here, been around a little and tons of great stuff to see, but still love my backyard the best.

Maybe we already have passed each other?

Originally Posted by dman View Post
Great pictures as always, Dave (not to mean "as always" implies "not special"). I didn't realize you still have your VStrom as well as your ST. Any particular reason you choose one to ride over the other?

-dman ... WeeStrom owner, always intrigued by the SuperTenere
I get asked that a lot, usually followed by the statement that they both cover a lot of the same ground. And my answer is YES they do cover a lot of the same territory....and that happens to be a place I really like!!

My garage isn't as diverse these days. No need for sportbikes as I'm done with the track. The jury is still out on hardcore single track, but right now I don't need a "real" dirtbike. Seems these adventure bikes really fit what I do, as you can see in this thread. So having two bikes that I'd throw a leg over and ride 1000 miles on a whim is at the very least a good backup (who knows, you could crack your oil pan near Tahoe and wait weeks for parts )

Truth is as much as I think the Tenere is better for me, there are still things I like about the Strom better. The Yamaha is a bit more dirty, where the strom feels a little more like a canyon chaser, but they are both just left and right of center. Not to mention if I don't ride one for awhile, just being on something different is fun just because it's different. Kind of like that new bike thing.

That and for the money I could sell her for I'd rather keep it. At least until I find a sport/adventure tour bike that gets me really excited. Waiting to see what the '14 strom brings us, and I still have to test an Explorer. Even looked sideways at the KTM touring motard or whatever they call it. As soon as something makes me need it, the strom will be gone.

Looking back at my years of riding, I've spent so much time thinking the next bike will make everything perfect. At the moment I've got a garage of bikes that I really like and am content with. I'm often thankful for being this lucky.
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