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Just brought home a shiny red one for wifey. She's really stoked. I am too. Such a nice bike. Fuel injection, ABS, no vibes, decent height and a comfortable riding position were our milestones. The bike is a little taller than we wanted. It shall be lowered a couple inches.

It's replacing a 640SM and a ninja 250. Better comfort than the 250 and less vibes than either. It's incredible how smooth it is.

Riding it around the 'hood I noticed it doesn't shift as easy as my SMT. It does handle slow speed driving really nice. Tore down our rutted, grass alley without a problem. To me that means it will handle the rough stretches of road one might encounter with ease. It's no less of an 'off road' bike than many other ADV bikes. Sure it's got a 17" front wheel - it's also much lighter than many bikes.

Looking forward to posting some pics.
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