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Originally Posted by eakins View Post
Come on Honda, just make a 500X ADV version from the factory with that suspension/wheel concept and you would sell a ton of them!!! Like Kawi w/ the Versys package YOU so are sooo close yet missing the mark.

Hell just offer and optional off-road bolt on package to complete the deal.
Perhaps. Let's talk about this.

There isn't a bike in the market that comes ready for rally. "Adventure", in the name or the concept, there are plenty of bikes out there. But you still need to upgrade suspension on those bikes, add engine and sump protection, raise bars, and the list goes on.

That is, if Honda made an "adventure" version, it would still be lacking. I prefer to start from a blank slate and pick the components that I want and make it to suit to my view of what "adventure" is. I bet your view is different than mine.

Honda's advantage for the CBX500 as a good starting platform:
- relatively light (430 lbs wet?)
- right motor size (good for the paved road and no need for a gigantic fuel tank to get 200 mile + range, more than enough power for dirt),
- assume Honda quality (let's see about that, but my bet is that it is good)
- not an expensive starting point.

When I saw this bike I thought, good, a great starting point, something that doesn't look like a moto-cross look-a-like thumper from the early 80's. And a 2-cyl motor, my favorite. And the price is right.
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