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Originally Posted by Jud View Post
I know it's been beat to death but I'll stand by my bitching,,,,, adding an inch or two more travel on both ends and a 19 inch wheel just wouldn't have added a huge amount of money to this bike. I doubt it would add 500$ if Honda did it. I know an additional inch or two of travel and a 19 inch wheel doesn't sound like it would make a huge difference but it really does.

Since his isn't a repli-racer,, the extra travel and the 19 inch wheel wouldn't be a huge detriment on the street. IMO, they would not have lost sales due to the travel, the 19 inch wheel or the 250-500$ more max it woulda cost. IMO, they would have gained some sales from having a pretty decent, low cost alternative to something like the BMW singles and chain driven twins.

If Honda would learn from BMW, the advantages of building multiple bikes off of one bike,,,,,,,,,, they'd do even better. If some on here or Honda really thinks that 500$ would make or break this bike, if the people buying this would just hate it if lost the least little smidge of on tarmac handling due to the extra travel and larger wheel diameter,,,,,,,,, they should off another model that offers those as an additional cost model. I honestly think that might be the best option if people really think 250-500$ would make or break this bike.
I don't necessarily disagree, but the make or break with the 500 series is as an entry-level bike in Yurp on the new A2 licence, or a premium purchase in emerging markets.
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