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Hi V-strom riders.

I'm newish to this bike, but not to Adventure riding. I've always thought the V-strom platform could be a great bike to offer a nice DS Bike with a few mods. This last winter a local rider/ bike owner and I put some thought into it and decided to give it a go.

Seeing as how there is such a limited amount of 650cc DS bike built to handle luggage and offer easy servicing and long life.

I've been working on a BOLT ON kit over the winter to upgrade the V-strom to 21" front, 17" or 18" rear spoked wheel setup. Up the suspension travel to 10" and drop some weight from the bike. Un hindered turning radius for tight trails.

We've put about 800 miles on it so far and plan to head to CO for a real world torture test end of Aug. We've testing it on Feeway, backroads, ATV trails and 2 -track. I am amazed that it turned out to be such a versatile bike and it works great on the trail. This will be shown at the CJD Steamboat Campground rally Sept 11/12 at the campgound also if anyone wants to check it out and give your input. This is the working prototype at this moment, with a FULL Strength BASH plate in the works this week. Future REKLUSE auto Clutch testing is in the works too.

If you love your V-strom, but always wanted a little more, this could be it.

Trail trim spec with out rear ruggage rack and panniers was 425 lbs, 1 gallon of fuel. I'm very happy with that as most of the weight came off the front end to make the bike work better in the rough stuff.

We made a custom rear shock, triple clamps and few other parts to make this a BOLT ON kit. I plan to do another built up this Fall, once we return from CO trip. If there is enough interest I'd like to offer a KIT options to release next spring, but at this time it's all in testing.

What do you guys think so far?

Pic from Central ADV Rider Rally 2013. Attendees got a chance to check it out and it went over very well.

I've got more pics from our test ride I need to process and post..... more to come as we finish up all the little details.

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