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RE: My last post… The electrical issue turned out to be my R/R. I can’t say enough about having a proper bike manual. It walks dip shits like me through the process of finding the Zen in motorcycle maintenance. I found a brand spanking new R/R for $10 that is intended for a chino bike. All the resistance readings matched, the 3 Y wire connection matched and the Pos/Neg leads were easily swapped compatibly with the original Suzuki connector. It mounted to the original bolt holes as if it were made for the bike. Fingers crossed, and a new OEM is in route just in case.

So… the ride. I have recently changed jobs and when taking a particular route home I am tempted.

That has got to lead somewhere, right?

Costa Rica, like many civilizations worldwide, abandoned and buried its mass transit/rail system. Years later they realized the error and are now reviving it. So this afternoon the rains held off long enough to let me wander. This was my 20 km ADVcommute.

Departing the office.

Hit the highway.

Now at this point I am approaching the toll booth which creates traffic. When this happens I start improvising. A quick right, through the bus stop and I am free of that nonsense. Although as I got off the bike today to take this pic, they must have opened the flood gates and eliminated the toll as the highway’s throughput drastically improved. Lucky me, because I will not try to make the one foot wide ramp over the two foot deep concrete gutter when the highway is moving at full tilt.

The “offroad” is only a few hundred meters, but fun none the less. Much more fun when all the cars on the highway are parked.

About a kilometer from my highway exit I reach the crossroads that has been provoking me that past few weeks.

Duplicate pic, I know, but the blue and white building there is the Fuerza Publica station. I got a wave, a smile and a thumbs up from one of the officers as I hopped the curb, drove over the sidewalk and took off down the ADV trail.

Just around the bend from the cop shop, what I thought was the road less traveled was quite traveled. This was slightly disappointing.

Soon enough, that all changed.

The “road” eventually dissipated to me just riding the railroad tracks.

Until finally I could go no further.

The hillside had taken over the tracks. I would have had to ride on the one visible rail with the hillside to my right and a steep drop to my left in order to push on. I had had enough fun for today.

Turning the bike around was quite the chore and not far back was an exit onto the pavement.

The ADV was now behind me, but it was not long before I was reunited with the rail line.

Not far ahead the golden arches were welcoming me to civilization and I could see the red dome of Alajuela’s Central Park Cathedral.

As I head out of town the weather wasn’t looking so inviting in the direction of home.

I was cutting it close… rain gear or not to rain gear?

I push on. The rain gear will be nice and dry for tomorrow and I was close enough to la choza. I escaped getting wet, and made it home.

See you on the ADV trail and thanks for riding along.

Greg Smith
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