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I've got a problem with my 200 that's starting to baffle me a bit now.

A few weeks ago we were taking part in a local big bike rally which consisted of mainly fireroads and open moorland going but the special test took in a few deepish water spashes.

On the first two laps it didn't ike the water but kept going and sorted itself, but on the third it spluttered and died. Looking at where the water had gotten to I'm pretty sure it hadn't swallowed any water, or if it had it was at worst a splashing over the end of the carb breather (though that seemed to be clean insode on inspection).

I put fresh plug in and it went again and ran fine for about 5 minutes or so and then it wouldn't rev out past about half throttle, any less than that and it ran fine but nothing above at all, even if held flat out.

So, we limped back the last bit and I got busy with the WD40 on all the connections. No better. Swapped plug, no better. Swapped HT lead and plug cap and no better. Panicking a bit as it was getting dark and we wouldn't have long in the morning before the start, I even had the cab off and blew through everything and it was still no better. Have even cleaned every connector and earth and even tried disconnecting the kill switches/side stand switch and anything else I could try to eliminate and none of it worked.

Limped it through the second day, got home, washed it, let it warm up and dry out then put it back in the garage until I had chance to have another go today. Whipped carb off again just in case and gave it another thorough clean.

It starts fine, has plenty of poke at low throttle openings but just splutters and coughs from about half. If I hold it flat out it just keeps spluttering but doesn't die. I'm thinking electrical as the smoke is smelling quite gassy like it's not burning it all (so not firing rather than starving it of Gas).

Has anyone else had similar symptoms before I start stripping the elctricals again.

One other thing while I'm on, would fitting the flatslide carb off of a late 1980's DR 200 onto a similar aged DR 125 be of any benefit? Half wondered if it might help a little on top end but not sure. It's just I have one kicking about in the shed that might as well get put to good use.

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