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What will break next
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Originally Posted by Dorito View Post
Let’s assume that you have 24 fasteners between you and the bottom of your spark plugs. Now let’s assume that you artfully put all 24 fasteners into the correct locations and then “test” fire your bike. But now let’s assume the bike idles rough, really rough.

Then let’s assume your A1 Prime troubleshooter’s first response is “take is back down”. Assume your primal desire to squish his head (from Saturday Night Live) is suppressed. Assume you re-work the same 24 fasteners, this time artfully including 2-3 “test” fires at key reassembly points (which go splendidly well).

Now let’s assume you are back at stage 1 with the “test” fire…..but the bike idles rough, really rough. After a brief sigh, and some more basic trouble shooting, A1 Prime realizes the problem is the throttle cable needs to be adjusted. The complete irony is that somehow BMW actually located the throttle adjustment where a mere mortal could actual get to it (on the handle bar). It’s crazy because in the last 50,000 miles I’ve never needed to adjust the throttle cable (unlike the clutch cable which is at the bottom of the universe location).

Grrrrrr, 72 fastners later she purrs like a kitten.
I didn't realize your orange bike had KTM blood....
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