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Originally Posted by Ohlinspro View Post
Hi Dave-

Pretty Easy Fix,

You probably didn't buy them from us ,

We were selling them for far less and sold all the ones we could get and overall were very positive.

We sent out an email recently and heard of no real big issues from the ones we sold early on going back two years including the pre-production protos that were developed well before that.

Ohlins Worldwide sold many and have had a very few % with that issue considering it's a pretty complex Product brought to Market only a couple years ago and otherwise was very well recieved.

My understanding is that it's Not an Every One recall but VERY limited for the ones with that issue related to the Rear Electric Preloader only.

There is a New Connector Harness with Edited connector kit to Update older ones that had that issue and that couldn't reset by Other means.

The NEW Ohlins Complete Shock EC- KITS manufactured Summer of 2013-1/2 on have all the New Updates Included.

You may want to contact the dealer You purchased them from and give them the first shot and/or did the install for you to contact Ohlins Warranty Direct for the parts needed to do that for you which should be FREE /NO CHARGE to YOU.

Basic Information needed is usually standard stuff like:

1) date of purchase

2) invoice copy

3) ID Numbers Near top of each shock (usually recorded in the DATA on the invoice , should be something like BM 670/671 and Serial Number 5-7 digits long .

that's it-

Hope this Helps!




You are correct I bought them from my local dealer. They were installed at the end of 2012 and must have been the newer ones because we waited for them to be built before they shipped.

I will go through them to Ohlins to get the fix!

Thank you Jim, I appreciate the info!
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