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Originally Posted by twinrider
Btw, even coming off a couple years of riding my GS around Tokyo I found the Road King's clutch to be incredibly heavy around town. I don't know whether it was the bend of the bars -- which force you to pull the clutch from a sideways position -- or just a really heavy clutch but I do know that after about 20 minutes in stop and go traffic my forearm started to turn to jelly. Is this a common thing with Harleys?

All the dirtbike guys are loving their autoclutches. I was thinking they would be a great idea for the V twin customs and regular HDs. The custom guys are always trying to hide stuff so an auto clutch would be perfect.

Rekluse is making an auto clutch for Harley Davidsons. You should be able to ride it like it was your Honda 50.
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