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Been a while. Haven't gotten a whole lot done. My hand is getting better, but it's still fairly weak and I'm limited in what I can do.

My wife and I got the concrete sealer down and I think it looks awesome. We didn't like how the sprayer was working so we switched to an applicator pad. That was leaving behind "brush marks" and since we were going for a random splotchy acid-stained look we just sort of mopped the stuff on. After two coats we got the look we were going for. A few coats of floor wax on top and we're golden.

Our GC has been working on the stairs the last couple days and they're turing out awesome. He is extremely picky and it shows.

I'm glad we put in the air conditioning. It really makes a difference and it doesn't take much to keep the place cool. The machine just sort of idles along on it's lowest setting- can barely tell it's running.

We got the driveway finished and lined it with some rocks to create a break between the driveway and the house. My wife spread some 1.5 inch round stone between the driveway and the house. It sits a bit lower, so to keep water from accumulating there we put in some under drain and directed the water away from the house. Works pretty slick and looks nice too.

I'm having trouble with my photo hosting site. If I can figure it out I'll put some pictures up later.

We're thinking of a party in late September, early October for anyone interested in coming. We should have a decent turnout and of course all you ADVers are welcome. Stay tuned.
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