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setup a new (to us) slalom last night. 6 cones, spaced 30, 25, 20, 12, 12 and 8 feet apart, each moving to the right 5 feet each time. simple slalom, with a 360 around the last one, then slalom back to the start. it proved too tight at the end for most, so we changed it to the rude butterfly, and then everyone participated.

sometime around 2 1/2 hours in, changed over to gp8 and got some really good runs for the remainder. folks were very active, very good spirits, and a wide range of bikes to watch.

I "borrowed":

zxr1100 (the dream bike for me)
super tenere
3x drz's

one of the bikes deserves a intro. while we were talking, a smallish bike rolled in, quietly. white, skinny wheels, and not recognizable (by me) for what it was. at first ithought it was an nsr250 (wow!!!) but it turned out to be the little brother, a NS 50, complete with all original pieces.

rare ? yesssss.

did I ride it ?

you got dang right I did !!

Along with a few others

did some work on mikes suggestion for tighter/faster turns, and nailed it about 1:20 times.... wide entery, carry moderate speed, initiate deep turn, then push into the stops gingerly until the decreased turning radius swings the bike upright and accelerate out.

it works very well. and I can see why the pros do it. very difficult to change the old habits of fighting the bike into the turn and use their method instead, but I'm working on it. it is definitely a faster, and smoother way to do the tight stuff. ;-)

next Thursday, were taking the wkeely gp8 to a new lot, on a different side of town to try and generate more interest... maybe right in front of a biker bar ;-)
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