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Originally Posted by cjracer View Post
Hi V-strom riders.

I'm newish to this bike, but not to Adventure riding. I've always thought the V-strom platform could be a great bike to offer a nice DS Bike with a few mods. This last winter a local rider/ bike owner and I put some thought into it and decided to give it a go.

Seeing as how there is such a limited amount of 650cc DS bike built to handle luggage and offer easy servicing and long life.
That bike is nuts!

It won't just handle luggage. It'll handle a passenger comfortably too.

Why can't the big-name mfrs' development pros figure out that an adv bike should probably be kept dirt-capable at well under 500lb curb? That it should have adjustable long-travel suspension and be able to take knobby tires? That it should be able to haul a passenger as more than just an afterthought?

Why can WE all figure this out, but the big names can't?
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