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Interesting thread

In part I agree, Urals are a pot metal piece of shit with serious quality control issues. We have made a hobby of finding low mileage neglected Urals sitting in showrooms as displays, under tarps in garages, shops and carports, flat tires, rotten Russian Rubber. Most were maintenance neglected by the owners and left to rot, yes leaving the bike in the weather will kill it in short order. I've bought, restored and sold 10 of 11 Urals, all ran good as new when sold, all bugs gone. In all the years we've owned Urals only on the road issue had to do with carb going out of sync, 10 minute fix and of course in the 05 vintage final drive seals, just old Russian crappy rubber seals, upgraded seals always fixed the leak. Knock on wood, we never had a breakdown, if we did we carry enough tool to overhaul he Ural, the Ural feels the threat of impending repair, lol. I did have a few things loosen and a clutch pivot pin pop out, all my bad, should have looked it over more carefully, new/old stock purchase, just didn't get around to checking everything, no big deal, dealt with the minor issue and away we rode.

Yes there are a many upgrades over the years, but essentially the Ural is still basically a 1930's design motorcycle. It's a horizontally apposed 750cc motor pulling a bare bike of 740 pounds in addition to all the other crap we manage to load into them, try that with any other bike and make sure you increase your towing insurance and learn to hum pop-goes-the-Weasel.

I met a retired Army Sargent from East Coast just arriving 3 months later on his Ural took the long way to get to Tok, AK. guy was carrying 5 10 liter gas cans, spare wheels, ammo cans, more crap than I carry in my flatbed truck, NO ISSUES, it happens. I'd rather be lucky than smart.

Warranty with any product line depends on he Dealer (the man behind the machine) and the bike owner. We rely on Ski and Sami of Triquest Motorcycles in Santa Clara California. If we do our part to properly maintain the bike they are always there to support the no haggle warranty.

The bike industry is an endless story of shoddy workmanship and manufacturing from all makes, most you have to fight to get repairs, 5 BMWs 4 bad ones last 2007/2012 R1200GSA had serious issues, but BMW stood behind there product. Our new 2012 Honda Goldwing is a total piece of shit and constant battles with Honda over obvious flaws they call normal, finally fix and prove they were not normal. My Harley Road King sucked a cam chain tensioner and packed it in at 25,000 miles, $10,000 later it ran like new, cash out of pocket.

Since Harley quit making production sidecar rigs at twice the Ural price, now only Ural remains. Harley is no longer made in America, its made in Malaysia and other parts of the globe, assembled in America. Horrible riding sidecar rig, leaf springs on the tub make me seasick, driver gets beat to death by lack of sidecar suspension. Outrageously poor quality control. Crankshafts need .005 max runout (wobble) to run reliable gear drive valve train, Harley run up to .010 runout with chain drive to pick up the slop.

No question Urals require more tinkering to keep on the road, but not as much as you think, unless you intentionally trash your bike. We had a nasty accident on a Ural involving a Volvo car backing around a blind turn on the coast, broke my arm, wife got only bruises, on anything other than a Ural we would be dead. Ural only sustained $1000 damage, Old thick skinned Volvo is totaled. Bike repaired sold to friends who rode from San Francisco Bay Area to Brazil with very few issues, truck load of fun and memories. Their Ural "Uri" now happily reside at home in Austria. Respect the machine for what it is, don't try to make it something it's not, take care of like your life depends on it, it does, and you can have a long and very enjoyable relationship. Been married 37 years, Ural is much easier.
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