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Warranty ?

boatmole, I like your write up & agree w/ nearly all.
But the dealer cannot warranty a Ural. Sure there are major items which should be a no brainer but Ural Management must actually SEE the problem & then, KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED. Why do you think Management wants to SEE before they OK your repairs ? I would understand they will learn more about what breaks but you still have to wait for Ural Management's nod.

But to sit 3,000 miles away & tell my dealer ''NYET'' to fixing the cracks in our GU sidecar body (still under the new units 2 year warranty) is WRONG.
Especially when Ural Management approves repairs on other GUs w/ the very same crack issues.

Have replaced both bearings in the sidecar hub & sidecar u-joint & straightened the secondary drive shaft, I do a lot of water crossings. These items are a result of water intrusion. There really is little or no way to keep water out here. Unless they (hub bearings) were forced packed orginally w/ a marine wheel bearing grease before assembly.

Just a side note, on our next new Ural, we will do a total disassembly & fill both sidecar hub bearings w/ marine wheel bearing grease.

I have one of the best dealers in the country. He sent me a seal instantly when I talked to him over the phone. But I do not expect him to go out of pocket for warranty repairs.

I have gone out of pocket to fix (stop the cracks) on the sidecar body & the above.

Would Ural Management approve internal repairs to motor or transmission...I would only say that is totally up to Ural Management & not my dealer. But I would trust Gene (dealer) to do the very best warranty repairs or any other Ural related fixins.

At this time I would never consider paying for an extended warrenty. But I would sock that $ away for the coming repairs.
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