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Oilhead HES test box to set Airhead HES Beancans

This occurred to me months ago and i've just now been reminded to post it.

There is a homemade Hall Tester in the ADV Hall of Wisdom. It has simple instructions and a parts list for building a test gadget for R259 Oilheads that have 2 Hall sensors.

I was surprised what with Radio Shack turning into little more than a damn phone store that they actually had every part on hand to build the box.

OK, so the dread word Oilhead has been mentioned and the Airhead JimJonesers are sharpening their pitchforks and mouse buttons. WTF does this have to do with Airheads? i hear.

Easy, gentle Cultists:
The Oilhead Hall Sensor Timing Box can also be used to statically time/set your Hall sensor-equipped Airhead Beancan (those of you who haven't gone Back To The Future with points-in-a-can ).

The Oilhead test box has 2 LEDs to test the Oilhead's 2 Hall sensors. Since the airhead has but one HES, you'll use either of the test box's HES leads. (Yellow or Green if you built the box to spec)

So, do it. Build the H.O.W./Radio Shack test box and then use these connections on the male terminals of your Airhead's Beancan plug:

You then turn the engine so that the S mark is in the timing window. Switch the test box on, loosen the Beancan retaining screws slightly, and twist the entire can. At the very millisecond the LED lights up, stop turning-- timing is set. Tighten the beancan screws and go have a proper Tuscan lunch.

The Oilhead timing/test box essentially duplicates "Ignition timing device BMW No. 12 3 650" seen here in the factory manual:

I suppose if you were clever you could eliminate the 2nd LED circuit in the test box to make it Airhead-only. I built mine to replace my 1100's HES a couple years ago, and just recently realized it would work on the Airhead

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