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In 8.9, WG will add the Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai. There will then be five tier 5 premium mediums to choose from, and two that are unobtainable premiums. As you all must know by now, I will be buying the Chi-Nu Kai. I have excited since Open Beta about the promised Japanese line. This morning, I wanted to see how it would stack up against the other tier 5 medium premiums though, so I made the following chart. The numbers are from this article.

Make what conclusions you want from it. I am excited about the Chi-Nu Kai due to its good pen, accuracy, and turret armor for the tier. This, to me, looks like a very fun tank, and I have waited two years already, what's a few more months? It stacks up against non-premium tier 5 mediums like this:

Now, these numbers for the Chi-Nu Kai are just the ones that leaked from the super-test, so they will probably change. But so far it's looking slow with weak hull armor, but a great gun and a great turret. We will see how it changes while being balanced over the next few months. I am excited no matter what. IJA finally in the game!

A little history on this premium tank:

The Type 97 Chi-Ha (above) is in the game and a great tank, in my opinion, though shuffled away to the "We have no tanks of our own" Chinese line. The Imperial Japanese Army realized that it would be ineffectual against the M4 Sherman in the eventual invasion of the Home Islands, so in 1943 they began development of the Type 4 Chi-To. The Type 4 was much larger than the Chi-Ha, but with similar lines and angling. The development ran into issues and delays so they fast-tracked a stop-gap tank solution. They took the Type 97 Chi-Ha hull and suspension, a 75mm Type 3 Tank Gun, and a new turret based on the angular Type 4's turret. Marrying them together they created the Type 3 Chi-Nu (Below). The Chi-Nu was the last tank the IJA fielded in the war. Production of them was stopped by the American Army.

The Chi-Nu Kai is the chassis and suspension from the Type 3 Chi-Nu, mated to the turret and gun of the Type 4 Chi-To (Below). That gun is a modified Type 4 AA Gun named the Type 5 75mm Tank Gun. The single prototype of this Frankenstein design was finished in March 1945, but never entered combat.

PS -- Some Type 97 Chi-Has had 120mm guns attached to them:

Can you imagine that at tier 3?
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