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Originally Posted by Kawidad View Post
I see we've travelled many of same roads, but somehow they never look as good as your photos. Well, done!
....I'm sure the roads look the same while we are there , glad the photos spark a memory.

Originally Posted by longtallsally View Post
Good to see you yesterday, Dave. I still want to get together and learn some of your tricks for some of the shots. Sorry I couldn't hang out longer- I was still late for dinner after Alice's.
You missed it, all of the hot motorcycle chicks in bikinis rolled in right after you left!

Originally Posted by Varkenjaab View Post
This thread has some of the best travel photography I've seen. Congratulations. I don't know what training/courses you've done but the shots are brilliant and worthy of commercial use.

I'm a simple Aussie who is coming to the PNW in October to ride some of your beautiful area (me on a V Strom, my mate on a GS1150) and we are REAALLLYY looking forward to it!

This thread just makes me want to get there quicker and stay longer (than the 3 weeks we'll have).

Thanks heaps. Inspiring work.



Glad you're diggin it! If the thread inspires you to ride it must be working as I'm just trying to share my enthusiasm for my backyard. Hit me up with a PM if you'd like any specific info on some of these areas so you can check them out for yourself.

As for my photo "training" it was 8 months of unemployment in 2009, and a desire to not waste the time without bettering myself. So I pursued something I was always interested in but never had the time.....and all for free, the internet is full of all the info you need.

Thanks for the kind words, really, it is nice to know when someone "gets" something out of what I'm trying to share.
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