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Originally Posted by SpeedoJosh View Post
You do realize steroids don't automatically "give" you muscles. Steroids is more so a training aid. People take them so they can train harder. Training harder makes you better. Taking steroids and not training harder and you'll be in the same situation then before you took them.

Look at the "sport" of bodybuilding. Those guys don't sit around playing x-box popping pills. They have trained and trained and trained. The most dedicated wins those competitions as one bad move can mean the difference in podium or not.

Steroids are way more common then you think, and if you've ever played a sport or go to a gym, it'd be impossible for you to throw a handful of rocks and not hit someone who's juicing. People who are against it are naive people who don't understand that it's not a miracle drug, don't understand that there is more to training then just doing it, or b/c they have some made up idea that it's immoral.

In closing:
To be a professional athlete you have to train harder then most and perform more then most. Which amounts to overtraining. Overtraining wrecks a body, short and long term. Testosterone/performance enhancing drugs fix a lot of those problems. With out them, you'd get one-two years out of an athlete before their body starts to fall apart. The public expects these athletes to perform, and expects them not to let them down. People expect way too much out of professional athletes and then shun them at the first sign of an "immoral" act.
If I was Lance, Barry Bonds, A-rod, etc.... I'd tell everyone of the cry babies to pack sand. Then laugh as you cheer on the other guy b/c he's "clean".
From what I can find, the first anabolic steroid was used in sports in 1958.

It's fair to say that before 1958, a great many athletes had careers longer than one to two years.

You say they didn't train as hard back then? Well, today, I don't think it's stretching the truth to say that today, the majority of baseball and tennis players, for example, do not use performance enhancing drugs. They, too, have careers longer than 1-2 years.

So I don't think it's reasonable to claim that without drugs, athletes' bodies would break down irreparably.

Baseball, in particular, cannot permit PEDs without losing a major chunk of its identity. Baseball is the oldest professional sport in the United States, with records going back to 1876. Baseball makes a fetish of its statistics. Stats are a huge part of the game's culture and identity.

Roger Maris' single season home run record stood for 38 years. In the space of just two years, it was broken six fucking times. That's a major league problem for baseball, which had to do something or just throw out all of its old records and statistics.

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