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Most of the aluminum bracket jobbies are made from pre bent aluminum angle. The angle is bolted to the stock tool tube mounting location and a few slots cut in the angle aright at the bend to slot hose clamps through it. Doing this way postiions the tube in a better location.

With mine I jsut used two hose clamps through the tol box mount large holes. Then I bolted one of the tube's mounting ears to the threaded hole on the helmet lock mount (the weird looking tab on the plate holder bracket). The other mounting ear I use to have bolted to the back side of the battery box. However the tire woudl rub it, so I hacked it off. THe problem with mounting it this way is that the lid rubs the fender slightly, the threads of the cap get cross threaded, though they look like they are engaged properly. After severla miles of rocky bumpy jumpy trail the cap falls off and you lose your tools. More like strwen over miles of trail. That is why people opt to use the exhaust clamp of the angle bracket.

I no longer carry that tool tube. FUCK Tools. My DR has never borken down on me. Actualy it is jsut a PITA to get your tools in and out of. So I did not reinstall the tube after a rework.
AWESOME!! THANKS FOR THE INFO!! Yea....I have had no probs with my Dr--I wanted a protective tube to hold x-tra night glasses, phones and small loose gear as I like to ride as minimalist as I can. I don't like backacks and I like to be streamlined in the woods with just a camelpack if anything.
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