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Originally Posted by Hodakaguy View Post
I sleeve the fuel lines in insulated fire sleeves (available at auto parts stores) that helps keep the heat out of the lines, that with careful routing helps to keep the fuel in the lines cool. I've used larger fuel line to sleeve the fuel lines in as well in the past, pics below.

You'll also get a lot of heat from the engine that soaks directly into the tank, you can line the bottom of the tank with a stick on foil heat tape that helps as well.

What vent are you running on the fuel cap? If its a small unit with the built in check valve toss it! I've seen more than one fail closed, letting the tank pressurize. A vent line from the tank with no check is the way to go.

Here's a link to some pics on my original 530:

Yo HG....I wanted to check back with you on this. I really appreciate your advice - you've helped me out with this bike a few times. I owe you a beer sometime. Anyway, I tried a few things based on your setup. First, I rerouted my lines - I was running very close to the head and high up on it at that. I rerouted so that The line is going under the carb and sort of laying over the top of the starter. The other thing I did was wrap the exhaust - that made a HUGE difference in the radiant heat! Very much recommend that. I even sprung a bit extra to get the titanium colored wrap so it blends in with the pipe...
I also did the heat tape over the forward portion of the tank - up around the head and radiators. Took two rolls of 1.5" x 15' tape to do it. (Side note: if you decide to do this - TAPE your fingers before you start! You'll be surprised how quick you'll get blisters if you don't)

It wasn't that hot out today and I wasn't able to go trail riding and really push it hard - but I can tell it made a huge difference already. It was idling in traffic and running smooth in the canyons today. Not sure if its really fixed yet, but it's definitely better!

Thanks man!
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