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Tower's SE5 to me does not look that great. I think it is along the lines of Durafly's and modeled on a reproduction not the real plane. Did not know about the micro....but then again I care nothing about micros.

But found the next plane for me....been a long time coming. Really needs a repaint however....I mean really....what where they thinking...other then that it does not look too bad, and after all we have so many choices in this plane...I am thinking an all black night fighter....I think all the antennas will not be too hard to do....but you know Cali will have a ton of different decals for this when it comes out...if not before.

One of these years I will learn to imbed.

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Whoa! Nice pics!!!

And FPGT...very true, they are not Mustangs or Corsairs. And for a micro DR1, Flyzone has one.

And I goofed in my post...I said Triplane, DR1. Implying that they are different planes when they are the same. I got the SE5 and DR1 messed up in my head.

Oh and the SE5 is on sale at Tower Hobbies for $40 I believe for the RX-Ready version.
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