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Originally Posted by S2P View Post
Question for the masses.Does anyone know how to figure rolling resistance for a trailer? I'm thinking of getting a enclosed trailer like 7x12,7x14 size and was trying to decide if a single axle or dual axle would pull easier. It seems to me 2 tires would provide less resistance over 4 as far as contact patch. I think 2 axles would provide a smaller footprint on said tires as they would not have as much weight flexing on the side walls etc. Someone help me understand this,my single axle 6x12 causes serious mileage drop,and it is an open trailer. I think it is from the ramp gate, causing drag,even though it is full of holes. Anyone want to offer an opinion on this? Thanks
I dont imagine single axle vs dual axle will be significant difference in drag, provided bearings and tires are of equivalent quality.
However that gate is a significant drag and the main reason for your hard pull. Next time pull the gate off and replace with a couple ramps than can lie flat on the trailer if you have to pull it any distance. The ramp gates are good for landscapers that are getting on and off the trailer multiple times a day after short drives between stops. But will suck gas at highway speed.

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