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Originally Posted by rsteiger View Post
I have a WR250R and my brother has the CRF250L.

I have ridden his bike on several occasions and I really like the torque of the motor down low. Makes the bike very controllable at low speed. I was surprised that the bike did not feel as heavy as it is so I think the weight must be centered a bit lower than say the WRR.

However, the suspension is just not on par with the WRR. Apparently the CRF only uses a spring in one of the forks as a cost savings measure. With only one spring you are limited to how far you can go with setting sag before you have to go to a two spring setup especially if you are a big guy.

One thing he has struggled with on that bike is head shake when ever he hits 60 to 65 MPH. He has been through the whole front end and looks like a dynamic balance has allowed him to delay the head shake to 70 MPH which is probably just fine. IMHO if there was a decent suspension package on that bike this would not be a concern. I have also seen this same issue when riding behind another CRF when we were slabbing it between trails. The rider could not really go much more than 60 before the front end really began the death shake.

In the end I think the CRF is a great starter bike and is very forgiving to learn on. But if you are already and experienced rider I think you may be disappointed by the suspension and will be looking to upgrade it fairly quickly.
So far thankfully none of the 3 crf's we have experienced any real head shake problem, I think many on a new bike grip to tightly at high speeds, the looser you are on the grips that goes away in my experience at least, not saying that is your brother's issue but the crf is a first bike for many and gripping to tightly at high speeds will definitely cause that.
My buddy brad weighs 150#'s he pretty much can push the bike as fast as it will go at his weight and he rides the highway to work most days on his and is at 77-80mph the whole way, he actually mentioned the shake when he first got the bike until I told him to loosen his grip and he said that is exactly what was doing it, never had a shake or shimmy since.
I weigh 185 and I feel like I can jump the hell out of the bike, never bottomed out ever. I actually bought my wr a year before the crf so I was used to a pretty decent suspension but I actually enjoy the suspension of the crf nice and soft and can really pre load it before I hit a decent jump and she fly's and land like its on pillows!!
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