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Originally Posted by SkiFastBadly View Post
That sucks. I thought everybody in Utah was honest.

Originally Posted by SkiFastBadly View Post
Well, you got your money's worth, that's for sure, nobody I know beats a bike like you...with the possible exception of Pluric. So what's next? You're SURELY gonna replace it with something. I smell something orange.....
Not real sure... the orange you smell is my dirt bikes!
Pluric seems to think I need a Tenere... almost afraid to accept his offer to take his for a spin!!

Went to South Valley Motorsports and sat on the Tenere... it seems much heavier than the Uly. Also jumped on a Versys; it had the Uly *feel*, but I'm not sure I could be happy long term with 54 HP.

There is an '06 Uly for sale locally that only has 5400 miles on it!! I may take a look at it in a few weeks when I really have time. Its an '06 and I really don't want one that may have a front rod bearing failure in its future. (And you and I both know this is not am internet myth.)

Not in a hurry to buy, so I can enjoy the process of looking again.
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