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Hah!!! Perfect riding weather my ass! The scariest ride of my life was on the Big Island. Nothing quite like riding through Volcano NP as it's getting dark, it's raining (duh, rain forest) and the visor is fogged, my glasses are fogged, and visibility (if I could have seen decently through the visor and glasses) is about 50'. Couldn't see any scenery either!!

Hopefully, I'll be out to visit The Momster of Mountain View sometime next spring, if so, I may very well rent something from ya.
Ya I can relate. I had a very similar experience about halfway through Saddle road a few months back except visibility was prolly about 5' with no clearing in sight. But hey, it's all part of the adventure

Let me know when you make it out and I'll set you up with some defogger for your visor!
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