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Originally Posted by eddyturn View Post
FYI - South Park got creamed by the monsoon moisture last nigh. Major flooding and associated damage to CR53. Mushroom Gulch and Trout Creek took a big hit too.

Don't be foolish like me going into the last over the road pile of rocks and mud. You will not get through. Just before you get down to Badger Creek which I would think was a lot worse. Thanks to the Park County SAR and Hartsell Fire district for the rescue out of the pit from hell. Thanks to SPOT for sending my wife the pre-progrmed message that I need some non-emergency help with the bike but it got turned into a big deal as the dispatch asked if I had any pat medical problems. I do with the heart but that was not the message sent. Took them about 30 as they went north on 53 instead of should. Andy from the SAR stopped rather quickly when he first arrived, he just asked - are you the guy we are looking for and are you all right. yes. Yes and He left to call off the emergency and cancel the ambulance from FairPlay of all places but they were about half way down there by now. Fire Truck. Volunteer fighter on disabled list. Deputy Sheriff. Park County road truck but left no sigh going into the section to keep others from making the same mistake and then, they will just get called out again.
Glad you are OK and that kind of stuff happens. At least you weren't the guy on I-5 in Washington here who got struck by lightning which fried his helmet, but he was pretty much unharmed except for a little temp hearing loss:
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