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Just picked up my CRF250L this afternoon, it's the first brand new bike (or car) that I've ever owned, as soon as I got underway I couldn't help but have a giggle, It's like riding a little push bike in comparison to my Africa Twin!

Did a max of 70MPH on the way home and it didn't complain but I'll have to get used to using the gears a bit more than I do with the twin but that's not really surprising given the size of the engine.

I've got the Adventurespec kit all ready to fit to it but I won't have the time for this until next week where I plan to get some grease on the axles and pivots before I start using it on a regular basis. ( )

The reason I've bought this fun little bike is to use through the winter as my main mode of transport (I don't have a car and the twin is a heavy lump to pick up when I drop it in the snow) and also maybe get a little green laning done when time allows.

Looking forward to racking up the miles on this lovely bit of kit.
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