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Originally Posted by just jeff View Post
Hi Colbatch!
I was reading an article you wrote about weight of bikes and how important it is to be as light as possible. You also mentioned the new bike you are building. Can you direct me to that article? For the life of me I can't find it again!
Also...I bought a set of the Magadan soft bags and love them! I ordered them direct from AdventureSpec in GB and was/am amazed that they arrived in 3 days to my shop in Northern Alberta, Canada. Did you use the supplied drybag liners when you were on the trails? The bags seem pretty waterproof as is.
Regards....just jeff
Jeff, I've used a set of Magadans all summer and right now I'm working my way up the COBDR to the KTM Rally. My experience is the outside material is very water resistant however dust works through the closure and settles atop the dry bag. And the outter bag is not water proof if submerged .....
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