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Originally Posted by Seb
Why? Because you hate money and performance (and the love the 80s and little leather tassles).
Money? My bike was $6,500 OTD, new, in 2001.

You talk about liking bikes SO MUCH, then it seems like you sold both of's the Husky, or are you still caging it to work every day?

How can you say you like bikes when you diss someone else's ride?

Have fun on your Husky! Hope it gives you 160,000klms of reliability. For the price, it damn well oughta!

Just so you know, I buy my oil filters for $2, and my synthetic oil for $5 per quart, and the other random service o-rings run me about $5 every 5k miles.

I hope your Husky is just as cheap and reliable as my H-D has been.

Now please go away, you hypocritical little troll.
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