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The Total Control Riding Clinic's blog (dated 2010) is okay in its way, and helps clarify some issues ~ despite its forest of words.

But even in the blog, you will note a confusing comment such as "the C of G is immediately between the contact patches of the tyres." [Found about 3/4 of the way down the page]

Probably the writer doesn't mean exactly what he says, but is just taking an excusable shortcut . . . but it is a shortcut which may add more confusion into this ADV thread of confusional froth & quibble.

Warning! Will Robinson! Warning!
The real C of G is not at the ground level.
It should not be necessary to mention that here . . . but apparently there are still some riders who believe that the rider's C of G is at the footpeg level.
And if that is the case, no wonder they are confusing themselves into a mental pretzel about the simple concept of countersteering and the desirability of emphasizing some practice of it for novice riders.
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