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Just a quick one.

Yikes, nearly two months without an update. Negligent.

Tuesday was the first time I've been out on the bike in ages. I've been out of work now for so long that stuff like road tax and fuel is a bit of a luxury at the moment. Tuesday was a nice day though, and more importantly, the third anniversary of my Dad's death. So a trip to the Duke's Pass seemed appropriate.

Being back on two wheels felt good. All your troubles disappear when you're on a bike. Unless you crash of course.

Thankfully though, I didn't crash. That does remind me though that the last time I was out, I nearly dropped the bike pulling into the driveway. God that Deauville doesn't half weigh a ton when it's at an angle. Just lucky that I'm so athletic, I suppose.

Step-dad Bob was also out on one of his bikes. His 30 year old BMW. He was heading elsewhere so I didn't wait for him and left while he was still getting his gear on. Imagine my surprise then when passing Stirling Castle on the far side of the town I see him standing in a layby on the phone. Just how slow am I that a guy on a bike the same age as me can leave 5 minutes after me and be on his way back from somewhere just as I arrive? And he had time to get off his bike and relax. I had bad traffic though

Anyway I was heading for Callander and would then take a dodgy backroad that I'd never been on before. A quick break in the car park and I was en route. Except I forgot my plan 30 seconds later and rode past the turn off. Dementia at 31. The road was a bit of a non-event tbh. No room to do any real riding and the trees blocked the view. I wasn't on it for long though as it quickly drops you onto the A821 (Duke's Pass road).

I was keeping it short so I wasn't riding onto Aberfoyle. There's a layby alongside the loch that my my Dad and I had stopped in a few times for a break and a blether [translation: chat]. I parked up. grabbed a seat on the rocks and chilled out for a bit. And took a few pictures.

Loch Venachar:

I wasn't there too long. I was enjoying the bike too much to sit about. The ride back was more of the same as the way out. Uneventful but nice. It's apparent that we're at the end of the summer though. Despite the sunshine, it wasn't exactly warm. Might need to take the neck warmer out of the pannier soon.


I will endeavour to get out more in the short time I have left (of the summer, I'm not dying). And I still have a load of videos to upload. It takes hours to get them online though and the internet here isn't exactly robust.

Before I go, here's an old one of me with my Dad.

Scotland at 45mph- My ongoing travels around Scotland

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