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Slow Ride to Nowhere
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I have the HOTS for this bike, since I first noticed it. That was about 2 weeks after Cycle World arrived at my door step and I actually looked inside. I went to the local dealer. towards the end of August, to get the scoop "We haven't even ordered them yet"! What?

I haven't read this thread. I can only imagine others have some of the same wants, for this ride that I do. Minimum 200 mile range, bags and some decent wind protection. I would like it if they put this motor in an Adventure, or Sport Touring trim. I want light weight the 65 ft lbs of torque is appealing.

I picked up a Honda NC700X in June. The NC is lovable. The trunk in the traditional fuel tank area genius! It's light decent seating. I get 60 MPG, flogging it. The major draw back is the lack of top gear roll on power. I crave that feeling of acceleration. After I ride my FJR 1300, the NC feels lacking in the motor department. In everyday use you don't really notice the lack of motor so much. Just don't ride the FJR back to back.

The FZ09 seems like the thrill of acceleration is included with the price of admission. If the FZ09 pans out, I would like to get rid of the NC, the FJR, and maybe the X-Challenge, The FZ appears to be light enough to put on a bumper rack. That's two less bikes to insure. More floor space in the garage. Seems like a good Idea to me.
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