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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
Yeah - What he said!!!

Except for the BHG it looks like it was one hell'ova trip!
Sure was! Major highs and lows, in both temperature and in emotions not to mention altitude.

Reality is setting in and the trip seems distant already. Time now to build the "GS" shed and on Monday the contractors come to redo the front walkway and driveway. All new concrete stairs and patio with new asphalt. Best go change our oil now while I can still wreck the old driveway!

PS......I love that pic of Bec's skid marks before the crash. I had lost sight of her in my mirrors so I stopped and waited. Nothing. When I seen her standing in the road without her helmet I knew exactly what happened! She just pointed to her tracks leading up to her bike and they just told the whole story! In 3rd gear on the packed tire track, she wandered into the soft middle while looking at the scenery. Speed + soft sand + inexperience off road =

Thanks for all the good wishes and offers of help.

Having eaten all the food before we left, it's shopping time!
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