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It was then I remembered that after 2 tanks, I should have filled my rad. Being mostly water now, I figured it was evaporating, explaining why my leg was dry and there were no more puddles on the block. So now I'm staring at the temp guage, watching traffic, reading Zumo and ...

I noticed my temp guage had dropped a bar showing colder now but could mean hotter as the water may no longer be touching the sender which is on the top side of the cylinder, thus reading cooler while the engine is actually getting hotter from lack of water. I tried to rationalize all that, dreading another dark highway stop to refill the rad when it popped back up to normal. Huh? OK.

Riding along, cold and bored I wondered if just my rad cap was defective, not adjusting to the 12 000 ft atmospheric pressure in CO which would in effect, cause a higher differential pressure and maybe the leak was only the weakest link showing it's face. Better that than a hose blowing off, eh Woody? I hadn't added water really since that last pic mid Kansas. The morning's fill didn't use much at all, esp. considering the spillage factor. Things that make you go "Hmmmmmmmmmm".
the hose blowing off was a real thrill...................

Your cap could be screwed up...

When I had my issues with cooling system, I found that refilling the remote reservoir did NOT top off the radiator tank even when left overnight so that it went thru a complete thermal cycle. I had to take the radiator cap off the tank then slowly pour water into bottle and allow it to drain into the radiator.

Naturally when you remove the cap, the contents of the bottle run into the radiator or onto the ground unless you've pinched off the hose first ... Who thought THAT was a good idea?

This was a "new" experience to me ... as with every car I've ever owned, when the system heated up a bit of coolant would flow into the remote tank due to expansion, and would flow back into radiator when cool ... along with any extra needed to replenish for leakage.

The vacuum side of the cap seemed to work fine, but I should probably buy a new cap anyway.... IIRC Joel said "they all do that" ...

enough of that crap ... long thread here if anyone is interested!

Glad you and Bec are back safe and reasonably sound...

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