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First off, Its great to see this post.

I'm Chad from Wisconsin and have an 2002 XRL that I bought in November of 04 with 2K on it. 1 Year later the bike has 9700 miles on it so I think I didn't do too bad for my first year of dual sporting. My bike was bone stock when I got it and started modding it right away. I've done these mods so far.
14/48 gearing and an x-ring chain. I'll be going back to 15/48 soon, just to try it out. Put a Moose Skid plate on, Moose barkbusters, Pro Moto Billet rack, Moose Roll Chart holder, Magellan Meridian Gold GPS on a RAM mount and Cycoactive map holder. Then did a Clarke 4.7 tank, Moose dual sport fender pack, Dirt Bike Number plate bag, Acerbis tail light, TAG CR double hi bars and some aftermarket mirrors. I've went through 3 rear Dunlop D606's and 1 D606 fron and a Pirelli MT-21 front.

This was my first DS bike and due to my lack of experience and the bikes size, it went down quite a few times. Luckily, only a couple times were hard. Usually it was just I'd get it tipped to far over to recover and lay it down quick just to pick it right back up. In June, my friends have a mountain bike race and wanted me to ride the course on my moto just to pack it down good, well, this is a tough trail and I put it down pretty hard and cracked the engine case cover with the shift lever. Unfortunately, I didn't notice the crack until I had ridden it 150 miles to a ds rally and ridden about 25 miles of ATV trails! The following morning we noticed oil on the dried mud and I checked the oil and it was a little over a quart low. ever since then its been burning oil so I'm taking it to a motor guy to see what needs to be done to it.
Heres where I wiped out.

Heres what it normally looks like

I'm hoping to get the motor fixed, a Corbin seat, and an XR's only Slip on.
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