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Originally Posted by RAZ1 View Post
What I know about welding is just enough to not try it myself.

I need an attachment pin re-welded on an oilhead muffler. The pin and its bracket appear to be stainless steel. The friend I rely on for welding doesn't have SS-specific equipment. Can the parts be welded using regular rods?

Not to knock your friend's skill, but it kind of sounds like he doesn't know how to weld stainless. Unless he has only a MIG welder?

Stainless can be stick welded, best to use either 308 or 309. 308 is for stainless to stainless. 309 is designed for stainless to mild steel, but is also used when you don't know one or both of the materials. Not supposed to do that, but it happens.

If he does have a stick welder and the material is thick enough and he knows what he's doing it's an easy job. If any of the above is lacking go to a weld shop. Material thickness required for stick welding is proportional to skill and experience. Stainless will burn through easier than mild steel and is harder to weld. I've been welding it for a while now and I'd be comfortable as long as one of the pieces is about 1/8" thick. The other one can be thinner as long as there is proper fitup, as the heat can be focused on the thicker side and dragged across. Hard to explain but easy to demonstrate I'm sorry to say.

For TIG welding thickness doesn't matter as long as the welder is skilled. I've TIG welded some fairly thin material, maybe 1/16", and have seen much thinner welded. There's a video on where the guy welds 2 razor blades together.

If its MIG, I'm not sure what to tell you. We rarely mig stainless at work, and at home I always stick weld it. The mig we have used at work has always been on thicker stuff when the company doesn't want to spend the time on stick. 1/2"-1" thick kind of stuff, just crank the heat up and run with it. I do know that we always use a different type of gas mixture, which to me seems random because it's rarely the same. Maybe different grades of stainless or something, I don't know.

Edit: just saw the above posts about mig, they are more knowlegeable than me on that aspect. Might be cheaper to pay a shop, argon bottles are expensive considering how much work you actually need done.

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