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I have a 2004 650L (bought new). This is my first dual sport. I've owned three XR's and a coulpe CR's previously but this is my first road legal bike. Other than racks and saddle bags, it is still stock so far. I will eventually get around to throwing some wrench time and money at it. I only have about 2,800 miles on it so far and it is beyond ready for it's forth rear tire. Being my first DS, I was shocked at the rate of wear the road has on slightly aggressive street-n-trail tire. It has a lot to do with the limited miles on the odometer thus far. As soon as I find a tire I like, I will start to bulk buying them. Other than the tire wear and sometimes being a little much to handle on the real tight trails, I am very happy with it. For some reason I actually have never taken I picture of it. Will need to put that on my list of things to do.
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