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Originally Posted by Larch View Post
wish-list so far:
No Orange. Anywhere. (On at least one option!) "Good Luck, have you tried the GSpot forum? ;)"
Electronic suspension option on the "R" model "would be good but I think you have more options with the manual"
Better quality control (no more front wheel nightmares / loose hoses etc.) "Yup, its a first model though so there will always be teething issues"
Improved indicator switch (more feel) "I still like the paddle ones off the pre 2012 BMW F650-800's, its not too bad but feels abit hyundaish"
Better heat insulation for rider "Would be good"
Better side-stand design "fkn oath, the side stand may as well have a pointed end, you cant use it on anything short of asphalt or rock.."
Increased alternator output "Haven't really needed it, although the battery needs to be a bit higher amps as sometimes its doesn't have enough grunt to kick it over until the 6+ turns""
Better headlamp (led?) "It isnt too bad as it is, there is the option for aux lighting as well"
Electronic cruise control (on both models, at least as an option) "Now your just getting lazy :P"
On-the-fly adjustable windshield "Umm it is, i just adjusted mine doing 110km/h??"
1290 Super Duke engine "waste of weight and effort, ive never needed more power"
Better spring rates (if needed?) "Umm well I can only talk from BMW's perspective here, they set up their bikes for 85kg people.. So if KTM has a golden number similar to this then a factory option of spring rates might be good? I have found my 100kg weight fine with the current spring rate."
comments above :P
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