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Good news and bad far my 1190R has done 4000Km and all is well, touch wood. Only real complaint is the poorly designed side stand and stand mount. Adding a base load spreader does little to correct poor design. The problem is with the needs to be at a different angle so that a longer side stand can be used and then still fold back correctly along the swinging arm. Oil drop from the chain dropping on the exhaust I have solved with a catch pan just under drive sprocket.
The bad news is that given what one reads on the KTM 690R thread [and I have followed it through 1000 odd pages ] [ I have owned one from new ], don't expect KTM to rush you with any fixes or updates. The 690 has been plagued by fuel pump failures, poor idle mapping [flame-outs ] and lately we are seeing valve rocker failures . The fuel pump failures are so frequently reported that many inmates have at their own cost fitted an after market upgraded fuel pump. [ I have fitted a second pump and can run on either ]. I suspect that many people thinking of purchasing a 690R have decided not to proceed after reading the thread. Recently an Ozzie and a Pom rod two 690R's from UK to Australia [ a sort of ''long way around'' ]. Not one but both broke down in Russia with dead fuel pumps with very difficult overstay visa problems as a result. This is all in a DVD '' Continental Drift '' widely distributed with magazine issue recently. In my opinion very poor on KTM very least every customer [ bike owner ...we are customers ! ] should have been supplied FOC. with a new upgraded pump. What was nearly as bad was that I was going to give the DVD, proudly, to my mate with a lowly DR650, but now just imagine the ragging he would now give me.........DR"s don't brake down........
Re DR650s not breaking down, my 2010 DR developed a horrible whine in 3rd gear at around 5000k. Fixed under warranty- case hardening had failed. And to think I briefly considered a 690 rather than the DR, but didn't proceed because of nagging doubts about KTM reliability. Nevertheless, I now find myself seriously considering an 1190 Adventure after recently test riding one, which is why I am following this thread. Have decided my full on sports bike days are over, having just sold my R1, but still need a dash of hooligan in whatever I get. It would mainly be a road bike, maybe fire trails and good dirt, but no more. I figure if I can't pick it up by myself it's too big for serious off road. I guess I am the market KTM is aiming for with the standard Adventure. A quick, good handling, relatively light, sit up bike with room to carry plenty of gear when needed and the ability to handle good dirt and gravel occasionally. You KTM lovers will tell me there are other KTM options, but I'm not sure they go as hard as this thing does - that's what impressed me the most. I've tried the new GS, and although quite impressive, just too sanitized.
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