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Itīs my own fault and it started when I bought the engine. The seller has always told me that the engine was an RC8R from 09. That wasnīt complete true. Iīve rechecked the engine nr at 2 places. Which gives me this:2009 RC8

Huge balls.

That would explin the horsepower and the probably the weird power band. Remember this bike got the RC8R map with the RC8R bazzaz unit. That is just so boring...

What will i do. Well money is a bit tight now as iīm prepping my new to me, 2013 KTM 350 SXF to enduro. I should be able to run the complete Enduro series next year. That just sadly means that i canīt afford an RC8R engine for now. Though on the other hand my mission will be that next year at this time i should have an RC8R engine and an 1190 adv gearbox.
To sum it up, i havenīt done anything wrong powerwise, so an RC8R should perform like hell. Though i never got satisfied with the RC8 gearbox. Now i got a chance to correct this. Just need to find out if the engine will accept the ADV 1190 gearbox.

Hope yo all are doing fine and having a great time. Looking forward to see what happens when the 1190 Adv hit the US market. Going to be CRAZY
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