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Not the new tag

I hadn't planned to grab the tag.

I was on my way to a camp about an hour north of Montreal to hang out for the weekend with a group of old friends. I made it as far as the northwest end of Tracy Road in the Adirondacks (a fine fine motorcycling road) when handling went all wonky and the sound of fighting cats started coming from my rear hub:

which clobbered my plans.

After a flat-bed ride to a shop in Ticonderoga, NY and a day's wait for new bearings, I was back on the road but with too little time to make the Canadian event, so I treated myself to a loop through the Adirondacks that just happened to go by the NA tag site, so there you are.

Then, I spent the next couple of days looking for a new home for Eggy.

The 1980 Lake Placid Olympics ski jumps appealed to me:

but some fat bastard wouldn't let me into the parking lot ("too late," he said, at 4 in the afternoon). (This shot is from over the hill at the next stop).

This other Lake Placid attraction *really* appealed to me, figuring it might get our southern brethren's juices flowing so they'd get off their butts and come running north to rescue the egg from the evil yankee clutches:

(Note that they often buried (poor) people in layers and used the same gravestone for multiple bodies back in that day.)

as did the brand new bridge over the southern end of Lake Champlain:

(but I couldn't figure out where to put him)

and this, near the Moosalamoo N.F. campground in the Green Mountains of Vermont:

(It was 39 degrees F that morning - note Eggy warming up in the sun.) The problem with that last possibility was that it was at the end of a gravel National Forest Service road and we all know sport bikes can't handle dirt.

Besides, all these possibilities weren't very far from the previous placement, so I went home to ponder possibilities further south.
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