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New tag

I gt stuck at home playing host to relatives for a couple of days, but made my (and Eggy's) move today.

Go to Massachusetts.

Go here:

Ride up to the top as far as you can, park and walk.

This is the tag shot:

Obviously, do this *after* you have scrounged up the totem. Here's how you do that:

Walk up to that brown tower in the last photo. It's a new fire tower with an observation deck below it. Enjoy the view from the deck. To the southeast, you can see Boston. To the north, Mt. Monadock in New Hampshire. To the west, Mount Greylock waaay out in North Adams. Birders will be looking for hawks.

Anyway, look for the building with the white and orange antenna towers, behind Mr. Ugly in this shot:

Go there:

Read the sign:

See those rhododendron bushes on the right side of the building?

Eggy and his traveling junk are hunkered down behind them, toward the back of the building:

Get him before ski season starts! They close the road at the first snow!

(Possibly useful information: Park/summit road is open during daylight hours. They may charge you $2 on the weekend - if so, take it out of Eggy's wallet or PM me and I'll send a refund to you )
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