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Originally Posted by IrishJohn View Post
Should I be able to make a CONCIOUS move of the handlebars to the opposite way I want to go or should I just continue as I am - having no problems in the turns etc without fully 'understanding' how I get around them????
You're fine. Countersteering is only taught explicitly so that those who really didn't know how to swerve quickly will know how, and to help reinforce the instinct of those who are already comfortable with the idea.
For me it goes like this... I'm riding... I swerve for some reason... somewhere in the back of my mind I think "Yep - that was countersteering."

It's like when you carry a really heavy toolbox in one hand and stick the opposite arm out to the side. Nobody taught you to do it, but if you know basic principles of statics, you can think to yourself "that arm is a counterballance", and perhaps take better advantage of the principle.
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