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Post Trip Inspection

Added to the cost of fuel, hotels and food, you have to consider wear items on the bikes.

Both our rear (new) tires are shot. I think the heat wears them out faster since I usually get 20 K kms out of the Tourances.

Her chain and sprockets are toast at 32K kms. I mentioned her chain was shot and asked if she noticed anything weird since she usually puts phantom defects on my work orders. "I thought you just replaced that?" No honey, but I did get you a new one like you wanted.

Haven't been able to fault my cooling system after spending a wad on a rad pressure tester. No sign of a leak and no fault codes. I'll leave it be.

Need to change the oil on both and get her two new turn signal lens and side case parts.

So once again, bringing all the tools and spare parts wasn't necessary and Bec is right. That's a good thing. Still, it lessens my worry factor.

I made amends with the neighbours now so all is good.

It was great having you along and I appreciate all the offers. Knowing that like minded people are everywhere and willing to assist makes an epic trip much more achievable and comfortable. For some, leaving home and all it's comforts is a scary thing.

Just DO it!
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