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Well, we've done the east coast, the west coast and most of the states and provinces now. The north doesn't interest us much although it's beautiful. Camping, bugs, bad roads, large carnivores... Riding with her I'm limited in my off pavement travel. I'm no pro but have been wiping out on vehicles ever since dad left the key in the riding lawnmower which was before I was old enough to go to school. Bec's wrist was already shattered once so she's very protective of it now. Thankfully her Moab sand trap only hurt her ego. She's happy to wait for me while I play.

Bec is goal orientated and works in a high pressure, fast paced environment. I can't see her accepting a 4 hr border crossing in the heat as it sometimes happens in CA.

My plan is to ride through the US as fast as possible then slow it down starting in Baja. I'd find a nice place and rent a bike for Bec to ride for a week after flying in. Job related? I hope to buy a house on the Pacific shore with a bunch of Cabinas to rent. Of course your stay will be discounted .

One never knows what the future holds.
That sounds like an awesome prospectus to me. Crossings in Socal can be a pain in the a$$. Small crossings like bisbee/ Douglas, are better, but the Santa Teresa ,NM crossing, 5 miles from my house is the best..... Some of the best sipping Tequilla can be had on my porch. Seriously....AZ facilitates better than CA. imho.

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