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Anyone else hear of an issue with crank position sensors in 04' to 06' XL models? Some cursory research shows quite a few failures.

I had one fail today on my 06' XL883R. Melted from the inside out, completely destroyed! Looks like it pretty much melted down, then exploded. I'm actually glad it quit running, because it puked out nearly a quart of oil between the time it started chugging and when I got it turned around and started back. It would not have made it home.

Have another one ordered. Think I should order a second and keep it with the bike?

It's easy to replace, but I would like to have had some warning. No biggie. No long term damage or anything. I'll replace it when it comes in, ten minute job.

I have never seen one do this though, never.

O.K. Joke's over. You can bring back the constitution now. Please.

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