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Originally Posted by stoke View Post
Sitting here with a gin & tonic waiting for the dog to take a dump going over today's dual sport ride with shooby and jeepbandit-shooby, you get any pics of those big ass rocks at the top of that trail today? I felt like I was the mars rover or something! Lot of pings and jolts going through that.

The Strom has a few new small scars on the undercarriage today but no permanent damage. I had a few reservations about adding more weight & expense to my bike with yet another aftermarket part , but no more. Ordering the skidplate asap! Today I was somewhat close to home, but Gold Point ain't exactly next door to San Diego. Would hate to have an easily preventable knock ruin the trip for me.

Looking forward to seeing you guys out there.

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Geez, I thought you did that skid plate already!
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