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Originally Posted by Tylenol View Post
With 300+ pages there was no way I could read it all before bed, so just a few questions; can you buy these or are they home made for the most part? I found a few websites but they all looked "Mickey Moused" and couldn't be sure if they were offering a ligit product. Where do you guys go to get plans or kits? I don't see to many here in Nova Scotia are they illegal here?
Yes, sidecars are illegal in Nova Scotia. In fact, they are illegal everywhere in Canada. If you should see one on a public road you should immediately inform the provincial police or the RCMP depending on where it happens.

Any websites you stumble on that offer sidecars or sidecar kits are clearly trying to scam you. Stay away! They are also illegal.

PS--you posted in a picture thread. If you have a specific question you should start a new thread and post it up in "Hacks". Other members will give you serious and sober replies.
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